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Executive Advisory / CEO Coach

SupportIt is difficult, working in isolation, at the top of an organization. Very often, the skill set and experiences that propelled you to the top of the organization, are not the same skills and approaches that you will need when you have arrived. Organizational Leadership involves facing new issues and dealing with new challenges on a regular basis. It is about leadership, strategy, and decision making.

John Ela brings deep experience from leading multiple businesses, navigating varied and challenging business situations, and a teaching mind set to how he approaches one to one Executive and CEO Coaching. Your well rounded success is his goal. This broad perspective combines roles as an experienced, agenda-free sounding board, a focus on decision making, goal setting and self-accountability, a reflective effort to frame the right questions, plus ongoing leadership development. It is about helping you raise the bar, removing barriers, and enhancing your life as a CEO (with a life.) It is not about therapy, but you may find it therapeutic and empowering. It is about focusing on doing the right things, and doing them effectively.

Strategic Leadership Councils (SLC)Executive Meeting

An SLC is a group of 10-14 business leaders (Owners and CEOs) from non-competing businesses of similar scale, dealing with similar, but unique leadership and growth challenges. The Group meets on a regular and confidential basis to work together to improve business performance and professional effectiveness of the members. It is a time to specifically work on your business and to expand leadership skills in a trusting, but challenging environment.

Members bring a broad range of experience, expertise, and background, without hidden agendas, and a dedication to growth of themselves and the other members. Think of it as your personal Board of Advisers dedicated to your success, and self-accountability. The meetings are professionally facilitated and follow a structured agenda that varies with the needs of the members.

SLC membership is subject to a specific selection process to ensure the compatibility of the individuals and the businesses with the SLC objectives and values of trust, action orientation, accountability, and lifelong learning. Between meetings, John Ela meets one to one with the members, in an Executive Advisory role to follow up and work on specific issues of importance to the member. If you would like to be considered for membership, please contact us for more information.