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Process dictates outcomes and consistency of action. Lean Thinking offers a tool set that can be applied with a clear understanding of the situation and desired outcomes. Yet, process cannot become so rigid that it eliminates cooperation and creative problem solving, in light of changing circumstances. Finding the right balance, and understanding when circumstances are changing is where the creative judgment cHandoffomes into play.

Process Design

A complete re-thinking of the processes that the client uses to add value to its customers follows from the new vision. Training, cross-functional team structures, Quality Improvement and Lean process design skills are combined with facilitation technical skills to develop and implement a new process and to create an ongoing and sustainable culture of change. The result is better performance and lower costs.

Lean Manufacturing

While Process Design and Lean Thinking can add value by eliminating waste in any process that is important for getting work done, it is especially applicable to manufacturing. Ideally, after an initial conversion with a big payback, organizations maintain a culture of continual improvement with a mix of break through and incremental progress. More often, complacency creeps in causing organizations to lose sight of the ongoing continual improvement promised by Lean. EMG understands the causes of Lean Complacency and can help keep it at bay, or re-invigorate the original efforts. So, whether you are just starting with Lean or you have been there and done that, we can help you achieve substantial returns.

InnovationRapid Product Development

Speed to market is an important basis for competitiveness in today’s business climate. To swiftly launch the right products requires cross-functional teaming, a disciplined development process, with the right metrics, and direct linkages with strategic plans. Innovation is about the speed of learning, as well as the speed of implementation, and the learning must be market based. This approach results in the right new products, at the right time, for the planned costs, increased market share, and higher ROI.


Working as self-directed and high performance cross-functional teams does not just happen because people mean well. It is a specific set of skills, tools, and process that develop from training and ongoing work to further develop those skills, plus the discipline to maintain and improve the team. Training alone is quickly forgotten if the learning is not put into action and practiced until it becomes a habit. We provide the training and ongoing facilitation to establish a team based culture and to generate real results. This is applicable to Leadership Teams, as well as teams to make change happen and to get work done.