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Strategic Analysis and Focus

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An effective Strategic Pyramid ties together fact based strategic objectives with tactics and specific programs, linked to business plans, budgets, and organizational goals. Making strategy part of what is measured, ensures that it is part of what happens. EMG can lead your team through a results-oriented process to formulate and execute strategic initiatives.


 Strategic Planning                                                                                                     

The first step in re-inventing the business is to understand the customer and the competitive environment and to develop the vision of what the company could become. EMG can provide a participative process and a framework to facilitate this analysis with your management team. The outcome of this process is a vision, defining how the client will earn the loyalty of its customers at the expense of its competitors.

Competitive Analysis

A deep understanding of where your brand presently fits in the mind of your customers, relative to the position of your competition, is required before a vision for the future can be fully developed. Just like building a house, an understanding of the existing foundation’s strength is key to the decision to build on it or start fresh.

Business Planning

With a clear strategic vision in place, be it for the existing business or a new venture, making it real requires tactics and programs with timelines and responsibilities for action.